Additional Resources

Want to learn more about acetaminophen safety? Check out these resources for more information.

Know Your Dose Campaign – Acetaminophen Awareness Coalition educates patients and consumers about the appropriate use of acetaminophen. The campaign is organized by the Acetaminophen Awareness Coalition – a group of health, healthcare professional and consumer organizations working to educate patients and consumers about acetaminophen so that it is only used as directed or labeled.

Acetaminophen Overdose – Medline Plus, U.S. National Library of Medicine supplies information about the signs and symptoms of acetaminophen overdose and actions you need to take if this occurs.

Acetaminophen Safety – U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) provides acetaminophen safety information, including video webcasts and fact sheets:

Safe Use of Over-the-Counter Pain Relievers and Fever Reducers
A Guide to Safe Use of Pain Medicine
Acetaminophen Information Widgets for Consumers and Professionals

Acetaminophen Safety FAQ – WebMD supplies questions and answers about acetaminophen, liver damage risk and more.

PainSafe™ – American Pain Foundation (APF) speaks out for people living with pain, caregivers, healthcare professionals and allied organizations, working together to dismantle the barriers that impede access to quality pain care for all.

Fact Sheets for Families – Acetaminophen Safety supply the basics on how acetaminophen works, side effects, what causes acetaminophen toxicity in children, symptoms and signs of acetaminophen intoxication in children and tips for safe use.

Get Relief Responsibly™ McNeil Consumer Healthcare Division of McNeil PPC, Inc. provides the facts on how to safely use medications that contain acetaminophen.

Liver Disease - provides information about liver disease – complete with risk factors, symptoms and cure rates.

National Council on Patient Information and Education stimulates and improves communication of information on the appropriate use of medicines to consumers and healthcare professionals. NCPIE develops programs, provides educational resources – including new material on safe acetaminophen use targeting senior citizens and youth – and offers services to advance the common mission of its members.

Acetaminophen-Savvy Activities (ASAs) included in this College Resource Guide (in order of appearance):