Stakeholders’ Forum, Promoting OTC Literacy Beyond the Classroom

Stakeholders’ Forum, Promoting OTC Literacy Beyond the Classroom

Thu., May 8, 2014

NCPIE convened a Stakeholders’ Forum, Promoting OTC Literacy Beyond the Classroom, at the J.W. Marriott Hotel in Washington DC. The Forum was convened to achieve the following objectives:

  • Create awareness for the McNeil/Scholastic/American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC) OTC Literacy educational program and models of programs that are addressing OTC literacy among forum participants, including the research behind its development, component pieces and their intended use in the classroom and at home; and assessment(s) to date.
  • Advance the dialogue among non-classroom-based school and community-based youth service provider organizations about the availability and use of the OTC Literacy program at the local, state, and national levels through their unique spheres of influence and programming.

Approximately 30 organizations representing youth service organizations, government agencies (FDA, SAMSHA, NIDA), NCPIE members and partners that are involved in supporting public health and safety and interested in promoting OTC Literacy participated the forum. Support for the forum was provided through an unrestricted educational grant from McNeil Consumer Healthcare Division of McNEIL-PPC, a member of the NCPIE coalition. As a follow up to the Forum, NCPIE will prepare an Online Guide for Organizing, Promoting, Conducting and Assessing an OTC Literacy Program in your Community.

NCPIE will also award up to five grants of $10,000 each to select nonprofit Forum participants who submit proposals after the forum, enabling them to conduct a customized/branded OTC Literacy outreach campaign for their organization. Criteria for applying for these grants include: description of campaign goals and objectives; identify campaign target audience(s) and methodologies for reaching each target audience; OTC Literacy program media plan (including traditional and social media strategies); and OTC Literacy program impact/assessment plan. NCPIE will announce the grant recipients in mid-July.