¡Nunca Más! Initiative for Latinas / Safe Medicine Use for Women

The ¡Nunca Más! Novela Health Series was developed by the FDA Office of Women’s Health (OWH) to educate Hispanic women about safe medication use. The campaign uses four Spanish language video novelas and free health materials to showcase the dangers of medication misuse and to provide tips for using medicines wisely. The ¡Nunca Más! novelas follow the experiences of Lourdes and her extended family: Miguel (husband), Michelle (daughter), Eugenio (Michelle’s boyfriend) and Sonia (Lourdes’ best friend). In each episode, the family experiences a problem caused by medication misuse. The ¡Nunca Mas! initiative provides Hispanic leaders with access to four novelas and free educational materials to help them organize novela viewings and discussion groups for Hispanic women. FDA’s OWH partnered with MANA – A National Latina Organization to disseminate ¡Nunca Mas! messages to Hispanic communities across the country. A new novela will be released every Thursday in October.