2012 TOP 10 Consumer Information Inquiries to FDA Site

In 2012, consumers turned in massive numbers to FDA for health information. At year’s end, 7.3 million visitors clicked on Consumer Updates at fda.gov. Here are the top 10 most popular topics for the year: 1. Disposing of unused medicines. Read more. 2. Beware: Mercury in skin products sold illegally in U.S. Read more. 3. HCG diet products—a dangerous fad. Read more. 4. Dietary supplement Hydroxycut—can be hazardous to health. Read more. 5. Examining arsenic in rice: A work in progress. Read more. 6. Tattoo inks linked to serious infection. Read more. 7. Is the common additive triclosan safe? What you should know. Read more. 8. Thickening agent may be deadly for infants. Read more. 9. Expanded advice: Take statins with care. Read more. 10. Symptoms of Cushing’s disease in dogs, and how to treat it. Read more.