Adherence to Prescription Medicines: Significant Challenge for Many Patients

According to a new national survey, one in three (33%) U.S. adults who have been prescribed medicines to take on a regular basis report that they are often or very often noncompliant with their treatment regimens for any number of reasons. Furthermore, nearly half (45%) say they have failed to take their medications because of concerns they had about the drugs themselves, and 43 percent report having not complied with their regimens because they felt the drug was unnecessary. These are some of the results of a Harris Interactive online survey of 2,507 U.S. adults conducted between March 16 and 18, 2005 for The Wall Street Journal Online’s Health Industry Edition. Of the 63 percent of adults who have had prescription drugs prescribed to them in the last year which are to be taken regularly, nearly two-thirds (64%) report that they have simply forgotten to take their medication, with 11 percent saying that this has happened “often” or “very often.”