CMS Seeks Expert Input on New Medication Measures

CMS has contracted with FMQAI to develop and maintain medication-related quality measures. A set of seven new medication measures has been developed using Medicare administrative claims data. These measures are based on the Institute of Medicine domains of safety and effectiveness and specifically focus on improving medication adherence, appropriateness of therapy, and patient outcomes. The medication measures were developed for state and/or plan-level measurement, but are currently under evaluation for use in other settings of care (i.e. physician offices). The proposed measures are: Process Measures I: Adherence Measures • Adherence to Antipsychotics for Individuals with Schizophrenia • Adherence to Mood Stabilizers for Individuals with Bipolar I Disorder • Adherence to Antiplatelet Treatment after Stent Implantation Process Measures II: Appropriate Therapy Measures •Polytherapy with Oral Antipsychotics •Avoiding Acetaminophen Toxicity •Short-Acting Opioid Formulation for Breakthrough Pain in Individuals with Cancer Outcome Measure •Bleeding Outcomes Related to Oral Anticoagulants These measures address many clinical issues, including psychiatry/behavioral health, cardiovascular/ischemic heart disease, cancer/pain management, and patient safety. CMS and FMQAI appreciate the time and effort healthcare professionals and organizations invest in providing comments. The public comment period will be open until 11:59 pm ET on Wed May 11, 2011. All feedback submitted within the public comment period will be reviewed and considered. To submit comments on the above-mentioned medication measures and to view the Measure Information Forms, please visit A summary of all comments received will be posted approximately four weeks after the public comment period closes Click here to see.