Community-Based Programs to Improve Senior Health

AHRQ’s Health Care Innovations Exchange features three profiles about community-based programs to improve senior health. One of the featured profiles, ElderSmile, describes the expansion of an oral health program for seniors to include diabetes and hypertension screening and education. Dental school faculty, staff and students at community centers throughout northern Manhattan measure systolic and diastolic blood pressure and hemoglobin A1c levels and, as appropriate, make referrals for treatment. The program has identified many seniors who have or are at risk but have not yet been diagnosed with diabetes or hypertension and has facilitated care for those who have been previously diagnosed but still have uncontrolled conditions. The Health Care Innovations Exchange includes more than 50 profiles and tools related to community-based efforts to improve care for seniors. NCPIE Related Resources: See Medication Use Safety Training for Seniors (Must for Seniors™).