FDA Advises Consumers about Recalled Drugs from Able Laboratories

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has taken action to ensure that the public is fully aware that Able Laboratories of Cranbury, NJ, is conducting a nationwide recall of all of its manufactured drugs (mostly generic prescription drugs, including drugs containing acetaminophen) because of serious concerns that they were not produced according to quality assurance standards. The FDA recommends that people who have been taking drugs produced by this firm speak with their health care provider or pharmacist to obtain a replacement drug product. According to the FDA, consumers should continue taking the medication until they have spoken with their health care provider. In many cases the risk of suddenly stopping needed medication before getting replacement drugs may outweigh the risk of continuing to use the recalled products. The FDA’s web site provides the names of the recalled drugs and their imprint codes. Imprints are marks (usually letters and numbers) found on the surfaces of drugs. If consumers have one of the drugs listed with one of the corresponding imprint codes, the drug is covered by the Able Laboratories recall. Liquid products that are being recalled can be identified by the lot numbers printed on their packaging. Consumers with questions may contact Able Laboratories at 1-800-982-2253. Persons wanting to report any adverse events to the FDA may contact FDA’s MedWatch office at 1- 800-FDA-1088.