FDA Public Meeting on "Useful" Consumer Rx Information Set for July 31 in D.C.

The Food and Drug Administration will hold a public meeting July 31 in Washington, DC on the private sector’s efforts to meet a year 2006 goal addressing the distribution and usefulness of consumer written prescription medicine information. The notice, which includes four questions the FDA wants addressed at the meeting, was published in the June 5, 2003 Federal Register. At issue is the pharmacy- distributed, computer-generated leaflet that accompanies most prescriptions. A 2001 FDA national evaluation of these leaflets found the average “usefulness” to be around 50%. The 2006 goal is 95%. NCPIE’s roles as catalyst, convener and coordinator for private sector stakeholders who are committed to achieving this target was discussed at length by NCPIE’s Board in Dec. '02 and March '03. NCPIE is preparing to present on behalf of many stakeholders on July 31.