Federal Authorities Seize Rx Drugs from Distributors: FDA Advises Public — Check Web for Affected Medications

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the United States Attorney for the District of Utah are announced a series of indictments against multiple prescription drug distributors whose illegal distribution of diverted drugs could affect the safety and efficacy of more than 40 medications purchased by consumers in over 80 pharmacies nationwide. Diverted drugs are medications illegally bought, sold or otherwise circulated outside established distribution systems that assure their quality. Individual pharmacies may be unaware that the product they are buying from a distributor has been diverted and, therefore, may have been adversely affected by improper handling, storage, or transportation. The FDA website link (above) provides a list of the specific types of drugs that were diverted, specific pharmacies that received the medicines, and the unauthorized distributors. Such lists will be updated as needed. Unless a drug named on the list has been purchased from a pharmacy listed as having received product from one of the listed distributors, it can be presumed to be safe and effective according to the FDA.