Five Years After IOM Report on Medical Errors, Nearly Half of All Consumers Worry about the Safety of their Health

Five years after a groundbreaking Institute of Medicine (IOM) report focused attention on medical errors in hospitals, Americans say that they do not believe that nation’s quality of care has improved. Four in 10 (40%) people say the quality of health care has gotten worse in the past five years, while one in six (17%) say the quality of care has gotten better and nearly four in 10 (38%) say it has stayed the same, according to a new survey by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, the U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and the Harvard School of Public Health. The survey also finds that nearly half (48%) of U.S. residents say they are concerned about the safety of the medical care that they and their families receive, and more than half (55%) say they are dissatisfied with the quality of health care in this country - up from 44% who reported the same in a similar survey conducted four years ago.