Get the Medications Right — New Report on Pharmacists’ Role in Medication Management

This free, downloadable report provides a nationwide snapshot of expert practices--Comprehensive medication management (CMM) in ambulatory/community pharmacy reveals that clinical pharmacists, in a variety of community and ambulatory care settings, are optimizing medication use and making an impact on the communities they serve. CMM seeks to optimize outcomes through the effective and appropriate use of medications, by focusing on the patient and the clinical and personal goals of therapy. It encompasses all medications and all disease states, so pharmacists can add, modify and change medications to resolve drug therapy problems to control all conditions. The report, sponsored by a grant from the Community Pharmacy Foundation, draws on responses from 618 pharmacy program directors from 45 states and Puerto Rico, as well as in-depth interviews with leaders from practices delivering CMM services. It explores the expanding role of pharmacists as patient care medication experts who directly manage medications through collaborative practice with physicians.