Glaucoma Treatment - Adherence is Key

Glaucoma is a serious condition that involves an elevation in pressure inside the eye caused by a build-up of excess fluid. Left untreated, this pressure can impair vision by causing irreversible damage to the optic nerve and, eventually, blindness. Glaucoma results in peripheral vision loss, and is an especially dangerous eye condition because it frequently progresses without obvious symptoms. This is why it is often referred to as “the sneak thief of sight.” There is no cure for glaucoma, although it can be treated. The damage to the optic nerve from glaucoma cannot be reversed. However, lowering the pressure in the eye can prevent further damage to the optic nerve and further peripheral vision loss. Tips for Managing Glaucoma Medication: It is critical that you adhere to your glaucoma medication regimen.
  • Keep your glaucoma medication in the same place at all times so that you can find it.
  • Use a medication organizer with an alarm or similar device to keep track of the times that you need to use your medication.
  • Write a sticky note reminder and put it on your bathroom mirror.
  • When using eye drops try these tips provided by the National Eye Institute.
  • If your hands are shaky and you have a hard time administering your drops, devices are available to help you.
  • Find helpful products for managing your medications and living with vision loss through AFB’s product guide and listings of specialty product catalogs.
  • (Source: American Foundation for the Blind)