Going to Pot: Smoking, Consuming Edibles and Vaporizing Marijuana

Slightly more than one-third (35%) of adults reported ever using marijuana in 2014, according to data from a nationally representative consumer panel survey. Among those adults, smoking was reported as the most prevalent mode of marijuana use. A majority of users reported smoking joints (89%), around one-half reported using bongs, water pipes, or hookahs (49%) or bowls or pipes (48%), and one-fourth (25%) smoked marijuana in blunts. Other modes of marijuana use included ingesting marijuana in edibles or drinks (30%) and vaporizing marijuana (10%). While more than one-third (36%) reported using only one mode of marijuana use, the use of 3 or more modes was more common (44%). The authors conclude that “[c]hanging state policies related to marijuana use may lead to changes in the mode of use or reason for use, which could impact individual- and population-level health. Ongoing and improved surveillance systems that collect more-detailed information about patterns of marijuana use, including mode of and reasons for use, are important for enhancing understanding of the health consequences of marijuana use and public health planning.” (Source Center for Substance Abuse Research [CESAR] FAX, Nov. 2015, Volume 24, Issue 15)