Health Mart Pharmacy Adopts Prescription Adherence Packaging

Phillips Health Mart Pharmacy began offering retail customers prescription packaging designed to improve medication adherence. Health Mart will use the AdherePac systems from TCGRx to synchronize patients' prescriptions into 30-day packaged rolls that are sorted by time of day. Phillips Pharmacy partnered with TCGRx, the maker of the ATP 2 automated tablet packaging system, to automate the process of packaging each patient’s medicines, which are all verified by barcode to ensure accuracy and safety for each pouch produced. “Pharmacies that offer AdherePac are helping their customers live healthier lives by helping them adhere to the medication program they were prescribed,” stated Duane Chudy, president and chief executive officer of TCGRx, based in Powers Lake, Wis. “TCGRx’s role is to help both the pharmacy and their patients by using the latest technology to guarantee the right medication is in the right pouch for the right patient, every time.” The adherence packaging service offers physicians one phone call monthly per patient to verify refill orders plus at- a-glance information of a patient’s package to see all medications prescribed by others during the office visit. Optional dispensing of shorter cycles is available if medications require dosage adjustments throughout the months.