A Matter of Balance: Preventing Falls

Prevention of falls is of critical concern to people with vision loss. Also, many older adults fear falls because of the risk of serious injury. Unfortunately, the fear can be equally debilitating when a person begins to restrict their activities, leading to social isolation, physical weakness, and decreased independence. A Matter of Balance: Managing Concerns About Falls is an award-winning program which seeks to help people over age 60 learn to control fear of falling through exercise, practical tips, and problem solving in a supportive group environment. Developed by the Roybal Center at Boston University, A Matter of Balance was initially delivered by healthcare professionals. Now it is led by volunteer lay leaders, which has significantly reduced costs and allowed the program to expand to 38 states, and this evidence-based program has been adapted for persons with visual impairments. (Source: American Foundation for the Blind). Related: 6 Steps to Protect Your Older Loved One from a Fall