Med-Check PASSPORT Toolkit

Keeping Patients and Healthcare Providers on the Same Page about Medications. Many individuals receive health care from a variety of access points throughout the community; they may have one or more chronic conditions and have medicines prescribed by different health care providers; some may even get their medicines from different sources. To help patients keep track of their medications and to keep providers on the same page about all the medicines a patient may be taking, the Schools of Pharmacy in Maryland (University of Maryland , Baltimore; University of Maryland Eastern Shore, and Notre Dame of Maryland University) in collaboration with the Primary Care Coalition and Delmarva Foundation have developed the Med-Check Passport Toolkit & Guide (v.1.] — a medication reconciliation form with accompanying educational and training videos designed to help ensure patients and all of their providers have an up to date record of all the medicines a person may take. (The Med-Check PASSPORT Toolkit was developed with funding from the Delmarva Foundation, under contract with CMS. The contents presented do not necessarily reflect CMS policy 10SOW-MD-DNCC-071114-558.)