MEDICARE Provides Tools to Help Local Partners Prepare Beneficiaries for Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage: Prescription Drug

Medicare partners will have additional resources available to help them inform and educate people about the new prescription drug coverage, including a new Prescription Drug Plan Finder, well before enrollment begins on November 15. Soon, beneficiaries and their family members will be able to use these tools to make better decisions about their Medicare drug coverage. The Prescription Drug Plan Finder, available at, is a new resource CMS is now using to help train local partners, such as the State Health Insurance Assistance Programs, senior centers, faith-based organizations and others who will be assisting beneficiaries in learning more about and enrolling in drug plans later this year. The tool will ask questions based on the coverage beneficiaries have now to provide them with tailored plan comparison information based on what is most important to them, including cost, coverage and convenience. Beneficiaries can also get personalized information on particular plans that they think may be a good fit for them. Medicare beneficiaries who don't use the Internet will be able to get the same information by calling 1-800-MEDICARE (800-633-4227).