Merck Announces New Medication Adherence Resources

Merck has added medication adherence resources to its consumer health and wellness Web site. The new resources are designed to help consumers stay on course with their treatment and have better conversations with their health care professionals about the medicines they have been prescribed. These resources include the Adherence Estimator®, a one-minute, evidence-based survey designed by Merck scientists to categorize patients into three groups – those who are at low, medium, or high risk for not adhering to a newly-prescribed medicine. After consumers answer three simple questions regarding their beliefs about a medicine, the tool provides easy to understand, personalized information which may address patient’s concerns about taking that medication. Once identified, the potential barriers of commitment, concern and cost may be addressed through effective dialogue between a consumer and his/her doctor, pharmacist, or other health care professional. In addition to the Adherence Estimator, the new site includes a medication worksheet, tips for taking medicine, articles, and external links where consumers can find more information about the importance of taking medicines as directed by a health care professional.