NABP:Rogue Sites Fueling Rx Drug Abuse & Counterfeit Drug Trade

Rogue Internet drug outlets continue to place consumers at risk by selling counterfeit drugs and by indiscriminately distributing prescription drugs, including controlled substances – thus, fueling misuse and addiction – as stressed in the NABP “Internet Drug Outlet Identification Program Progress Report for State and Federal Regulators: April 2011.” The report indicates that, in its ongoing review of Web sites selling prescription medications, NABP has identified more than 7,000 – 96% of the total number of sites reviewed – as being out of compliance with pharmacy laws and practice standards established in the US to protect the public health. For example, of the sites reviewed, over 6,000 do not require a valid prescription and over 3,300 offer foreign or non-FDA-approved drugs. The report also describes recent actions taken by NABP, federal agencies, and other stakeholders to fight rogue Internet drug outlets, prescription drug abuse, and counterfeit drugs. NABP issues these status reports every other month to provide the boards of pharmacy, other regulatory agencies, and interested stakeholders with updates of Web site review findings and other events and trends related to Internet pharmacy practice. Through communication and cooperation, NABP hopes to advance the efforts of those entities seeking to curtail the online trade of illicit and counterfeit medications..