New Resource on Acetaminophen, America’s Most Common Drug Ingredient

The Acetaminophen Awareness Coalition (AAC), a coalition of leading health, healthcare provider, and consumer organizations, today released “Acetaminophen: How It’s Used, Preventing Overdose and What We Can Do to Promote Safe Use,” a report and educational resource to drive safe and appropriate use of America’s most common drug ingredient. The coalition’s report reviews the dosing behaviors that can lead to acetaminophen overdose and explores the successful impact of ongoing education campaigns to drive appropriate use and prevent overdose-related liver damage. The AAC recommends consumers follow these four simple steps to use acetaminophen-containing medicines safely: 1. Always read and follow the medicine label. 2. Know if your medicines contain acetaminophen. 3. Never take two acetaminophen-containing medicines at the same time. 4. Ask your pharmacist or other healthcare professional if you have questions. The AAC’s Know Your Dose campaign offers free Spanish- and English-language educational materials for healthcare providers to order for their patients. For more information, and to see a list of some common medicines that contain acetaminophen, visit or follow @KnowYourDose.