New Study Shows Benefit in Pharmacist Medication Reviews

One-on-one medication reviews with a pharmacist can help individuals gain a better understanding of their medications and avoid potential health risks. These are particularly important since many aging adults are on multiple medications at once for various conditions – e.g., a new poll of CARP members found a third are currently taking four to five medications. This is worrying since being on numerous medications can increase the risk of drug therapy problems like adverse drug reactions (ADRs), negative drug interactions, improper dosing and medication adherence issues. “This new report includes data demonstrating both the public and medical professionals see the value in pharmacists conducting medication reviews,” says Domenic Pilla, President, Shoppers Drug Mart. "Most of our provincial governments have begun to recognize the benefits and have instituted funding for this important pharmacy service. We now have the opportunity to make the eligibility requirements and funding for this service more consistent across the entire country to improve patient care and safety.