Online Pharmacies Selling Pet Meds Without a Prescription

The FDA warns pet owners against using internet pharmacies that sell pet medicines without a prescription in a new Consumer Update. Many pet owners turn to the internet when buying pet medicines to save money and time, but as FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) notes, pet owners should look closely at websites to ensure they are ordering from a reputable pharmacy and protecting their pets from counterfeit or unapproved medicines. Online pharmacies that do not require a prescription present a red flag, as do websites that offer “evaluations” by one of their veterinarians on staff after looking over a form filled out by the pet owner.  FDA’s Consumer Update also offers tips for pet owners on how to recognize legitimate online pharmacies, including looking for those sites with a .pharmacy domain. Consumers can trust these sites as safe and legitimate because they have been evaluated against a set of safety standards under NABP’s .Pharmacy Verified Websites Program. In addition to identifying a site by seeing .pharmacy in the web address, a list of verified sites is also available at