Patient Education Materials Assessment Tools

"The Patient Education Materials Assessment Tool (PEMAT), created by a research team at AHRQ working with a panel of experts in health literacy, content creation, patient education, and communication, is designed to help determine whether patients will be able to effectively use educational resources based on understandability and actionability. PEMAT was designed to be used by healthcare providers, health librarians and others tasked with providing high- quality materials to patients or consumers. There are two versions including PEMAT-P for printable materials (e.g., brochures, pamphlets, PDFs) and PEMAT for audiovisual resources. PEMAT-A/V for audiovisual materials (e.g., videos, multimedia materials) consists of 13 items measuring understandability and 4 items measuring actionability. These include content, word choice and style, layout and design, and use of visual aids.