Standardizing Medication Labels: Confusing Patients Less - October 2007 IOM Workshop Summary

NCPIE’s Executive Vice President, Wm. Ray Bullman, participated in the above noted October 2007 IOM workshop. During a panel entitled, “Other Stakeholder Reaction to Prescription Use Instruction Standardization: Physicians and Patients,” Mr. Bullman voiced support for USP – a founding member of NCPIE which has served continuously on the NCPIE board of directors since its inception in 1982 - taking the organizational lead on such an important medication safe use issue. In his remarks, Mr. Bullman noted, “Addressing the issue of drug label standardization, the United States Pharmacopeia might be a very good place to move this initiative forward. It has a committee on safe medication use and is involved with the National Coordinating Council for Medication Error Reporting and Prevention (NCC MERP). Furthermore, it has a multidisciplinary membership that includes federal agencies."