Two-Thirds of People Believe They Could be Making More Decisions about Personal Health and Wellness on Their Own

According to a new national survey released today, people are taking greater ownership of their health, demonstrating knowledge and resourcefulness when it comes to healthcare-related matters. In fact, 64 percent of respondents believe they could be making more decisions about their health and wellness. The survey shows that the majority of surveyed individuals (88%) feel confident in their abilities to take responsibility for their health and 89 percent agree that they know where to look and whom to ask if they have health questions or concerns. The survey was conducted by Ipsos in collaboration with the National Council on Patient Information and Education (NCPIE) and Pfizer. It examined the current perceptions, behaviors and trends among a nationally representative sample of 2,024 U.S. individuals, aged 18 and older, 516 primary care physicians (PCPs) as they relate to managing an individual’s health and wellness, and navigating a changing healthcare landscape. Visit new Self Care Resources page to learn more. Take control of your health today! Tweet #ownyourhealth @tweetNCPIE.