U.S. Surgeon General Issues "Prescription" for Wise Use of Over-the-Counter Medicines

As part of NCPIE’s “Be MedWise” campaign, Vice Admiral Richard Carmona, M.D., MPH, U.S. Surgeon General, today issued a “Be MedWise” ducational “prescription” at a Washington, DC press conference. Also participating on NCPIE’s behalf were FDA Deputy Commissioner Lester Crawford, DVM, Ph.D.; and Magaly Rodriguez de Bittner, Pharm.D., University of Maryland School of pharmacy.Carmona’s 'prescription' is a list of questions consumers should ask their pharmacist, physician, or other health care professional before selecting or taking over- the-counter medicines. NCPIE’s Be MedWise campaign was originally launched in 2002 in partnership with the FDA to promote wiseuse of OTC medicines, and awareness of the mandatory “Drug Facts” label. For more information about NCPIE’s campaign, see http://www.bemedwise.org.