Veteran’s Administration (VA) Implements a New, Patient-Centered Prescription Label

The VA National Center for Patient Safety (NCPS) evaluated the impact of culture, age, and education on the understanding of a proposed evidence-based VA prescription label. The evaluation was completed through a structured in-person focus group questionnaire process. Participants were recruited from various regions around the United States to ensure broad representation of various cultural and ethnic groups. The study confirmed that a new standardized VA prescription label is preferred by Veterans and improves Veteran comprehension of prescription label information. The study was published as Chapter 47 in Advances in Human Aspects of Healthcare (edited by Vincent Duffy, CRC Press, 2012). The patient-centric prescription label noted in the article has been adopted by the VA as its standard. Questions regarding the study and 2012 adoption/implementation of the new patient-centric label at VA can be forwarded to Keith Trettin, R.Ph., M.B.A, Program Manager—VA NCPS; Phone: 734-930-5848; Fax: 734-930-5899