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Wed., Apr. 24, 2019 2:00pm EDT ·

Medicine Safety: A Key Part of Child-Proofing Your Home

Safe Kids Worldwide, recently released the research report, Medicine Safety: A Key Part of Child-Proofing Your Home. This new report reviews trends in medicine poisoning for children and reveals findings from recent focus groups with parents of children under age 6, which provide insights into why, when most parents know they need to store medicine safely, children are still getting into medicine.

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Tue., Apr. 30, 2019 2:00pm EDT ·

FDA requires stronger warnings about rare but serious incidents related to certain prescription insomnia medicines

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced the agency is requiring a new boxed warning – the agency’s most prominent warning – on certain prescription insomnia drugs to better ensure patients and their health care professionals have the information they need when considering use of these medicines.  The boxed warning follows several reports of rare, but serious injuries and deaths resulting from various complex sleep behaviors after taking these medicines.