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If the over-the-counter medicine expiration date has passed, what should you do?

a) take it anyway
b) give it to a friend

c) throw it away


What is the first information category on the new "Drug Facts" label?

a) active ingredients
b) inactive ingredients
c) directions

d) other information


If you still have over-the-counter medicines with the old label, what should you do?

a) throw them away
b) return them to the store where you bought them

c) If they haven't reached the expiration date yet, use them according to directions.


What kind of information will you find in the "Warning" category on the
New "Drug Facts" label:

a) when to ask a doctor or pharmacist before using
b) possible side effects
c) directions for pregnant or breast-feeding mothers

d) all of the above


The new "Drug Facts" label appears on:

a) most prescription medicines
b) most over-the-counter medicines

c) dietary and herbal supplements


If you are concerned about what activities to avoid (such as driving a car) while using a over-the-counter medicine, which section of the "Drug Facts" label should you read?

a) "Uses"
b) "Directions"

c) "Warnings"


You currently use an over-the-counter medicine for a cough.
Before you buy an over-the-counter medicine to help relieve your headache, which section of the "Drug Facts" label should you read and compare?

a) "Inactive Ingredients"
b) "Active Ingredients"

c) "Warnings"


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