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Everywhere you look you see something about COVID-19. It’s not surprising given the amount of COVID cases and deaths we are continuing to see. The topic of COVID is complex and our understanding of it continues to improve as more data becomes available. The problem is that, as information increases, so does misinformation and you may frequently find yourself in a position to wonder what to believe.

What makes COVID disease so complex and difficult to get a handle on? For one, the approach to the COVID pandemic continues to evolve as we learn more about it. For example, while masks were not recommended in the earliest stages of the epidemic, it became obvious how important they were. In addition, the approach also has to adapt to how people are responding to any recommendations and interventions. For example, the need for mask mandates when too many people choose not to wear them, the warnings against hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, or how to compensate for the large number of people who do not want to be vaccinated.

It can be hard to keep up with all the new details and recommendations, especially the reasons for them, how people respond to recommendations, and the reasons why they may reject them. Turn to  this page for informative articles about COVID-19 that look in detail at issues surrounding the COVID pandemic, such as COVID booster shots, the increasing concern about COVID in children, and the future of COVID disease. We will use scientific evidence and the most accurate information to educate you about COVID disease and to dispel many of the misconceptions and misinformation that are circulating out there.

In addition to new articles covering additional COVID topics, we will be updating existing articles with any new information about that topic that comes available. While each article will initially have the date it was published, any time information is added or changed the article will then have the date it was last updated.

Informative COVID-19 Articles

  • Current Treatments for COVID-19
    Updated June 7, 2022 The COVID-19 pandemic has been with us for more than two years. While vaccination has proved an effective means of preventing hospitalizations and death from SARS-CoV-2 infection, many are still susceptible due to poorly […]
  • Do I Need a Second COVID Booster?
    Updated June 7, 2022 On March 29, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized an additional Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna mRNA booster shot for those who are 50 years old and older and younger people with compromised immune systems. […]
  • The Hidden Health Consequences of COVID
    Published April 22, 2022 COVID-19 has left its mark in more ways than the number  of COVID-19 infections, hospitalizations, deaths, and long-term consequences indicate. While the COVID-19 pandemic is having a direct detrimental effect on public health, the […]
  • Striking Back Against COVID Disinformation
    Published March 16, 2022 The COVID-19 pandemic has been fraught with mountains of inaccurate information, so much so that the World Health Organization has declared it a misinformation pandemic or infodemic.  This has created a widening political and […]
  • Understanding the Current Mask Recommendations
    Published March 15, 2022 At the time of writing this — with an estimated 43% of Americans having had COVID-19 and many more being immune due to COVID vaccinations, including 65% who are fully vaccinated and 44% who […]
  • One Difference In Interpretation of COVID Science Partly Responsible for the State of the Pandemic
    Published February 25, 2022 The response to COVID-19 is still a political issue and the resulting division between political parties within the United States has persisted and is still having an adverse effect on the pandemic. The division […]
  • Omicron Variant and Beyond
    Updated June 8, 2022 Omicron BA.1 has had a major impact on the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the multiple differences from the Delta variant, the Omicron variant has prolonged and intensified the pandemic, made COVID more difficult to […]
  • The Unvaccinated Bear the Brunt of the Consequences of COVID and Much of the Responsibility for the Current COVID Situation in U.S.
    Updated December 5, 2021 COVID vaccination, especially vaccine mandates, is a polarizing issue for much of the United States. This has resulted in conflicts among politicians and political parties, families — especially divorced parents, parents and teachers, employers […]
  • Mix and Match COVID Boosters
    Published December 21, 2021 When it comes to COVID vaccine boosters, until recently, it was all about Pfizer. Now the FDA has approved both Moderna and Johnson & Johnson boosters for those adults initially vaccinated with the corresponding […]
  • Next Up for Anti-vaxxers – Iodine
    Published November 8, 2021 Iodine seems to be the newest alleged remedy for COVID-19. Anti-vaxxers are using iodine solutions to gargle, spray up their noses, and even swallow as a way to prevent COVID infections. This is predominantly […]
  • Proof of COVID Vaccination – Where, When, and How
    On October 25th the White House issued a proclamation that will lift flight restrictions from certain countries and on November 8th replace it with a requirement that all non-resident passengers travelling to the United States present proof of […]
  • COVID in Children Is Not Insignificant
    Updated June 21, 2022 COVID-19 is not rare in children and adolescents. At time of update, it has infected more than 18.5% (13,541,1531) of the young people in the United States. Since even those with mild or asymptomatic […]
  • Rapid COVID Testing – An Effective Preventive Measure
    Periodic screening for COVID infection is one of many proven ways to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Unfortunately it is underutilized.
  • Myths About COVID Vaccines
    Updated February 17, 2022 Although the number of new COVID-19 cases in our country is again decreasing after the Omicron peak, hospital and healthcare professionals are still being overwhelmed by the number of COVID patients needing significant care. […]
  • Ivermectin, the New Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19
    Published September 29, 2021 Many who do not accept the CDC’s evidence-based recommendations about vaccinations and face masks are turning to other ways to prevent and/or treat COVID infections.  Hydroxychloroquine was the first of these. Now it is ivermectin, a drug used to treat […]
  • The COVID Booster
    Updated June 20, 2022 As of June 18, 2022, the COVID vaccine is available to anyone 6 months old and older, in the United States for protection against severe COVID disease and death. Many have not taken advantage […]