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Medical Tourism Fail

Fake blood thinners found in Mexico.

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Understanding Medicine Labels

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Medication “adherence” assures the maximum beneficial impact of the medicines you take, and minimizes risk. This means taking your medicines precisely according to instructions.


All medicines come with risks, many of which can be prevented or avoided.
Learn tips to reduce side effects, avoid drug interactions and prevent medication errors.

In this week's @HealthSavingPod, @MrSilva from @NewsLitProject joins us to discuss doing your own research & avoiding the influence of misinformation.
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In the wake of reports of the impending Supreme Court decision, NeedyMeds unequivocally states reproductive freedom is a civil right and abortion is an essential part of healthcare. Approximately one in five people capable of getting pregnant will have an abortion by age 30, and

The first episode of the Health Savings News Podcast is live! We discuss unnecessary costs from follow up appointments.
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The overdose crisis has forced federal policy makers to embrace harm reduction policies, but the war on drugs will not end under President Joe Biden.

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