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Medication “adherence” assures the maximum beneficial impact of the medicines you take, and minimizes risk. This means taking your medicines precisely according to instructions.


All medicines come with risks, many of which can be prevented or avoided.
Learn tips to reduce side effects, avoid drug interactions and prevent medication errors.

Are you covered by Medicare Part B? Keep a stockpile of COVID-19 at-home rapid test kits to get you through this winter. Sign up to receive 8 free tests per month for each Medicare beneficiary on Part B. 100% free and everyone qualifies.

Worried about keeping your family healthy and safe as you navigate cough, cold, and flu symptoms? Remember to double check your medicine labels to avoid doubling up on medicines that contain #acetaminophen. Visit more tips. #KYDColdFlu

#TalkAboutYourMedicinesMonth may be over, but @BeMedWise offers great resources to help you take your medicines safely all year long! Visit their site to learn more:

Our solutions allow #caregivers to monitor their loved ones' activity on #medication or check in when they see changes. Loved ones can also call for help if complications arise due to their medications.

Know you're connected.


Medication management for older adults is important because aging bodies respond to medicines differently. #TalkAboutYourMedicines to reduce the risks, boost the benefits, and stay safe as you age. #TAYMM #MedicationSafety

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