About Us

BeMedWise Mission: Promote the safe use, storage and disposal of medicines for better health.

How we achieve our mission: Provide vetted information on medication safety.

Vision statement: Improved health outcomes through responsible medication practices.

Collaboration is our key

We build a broad-based network of national supporters, partners, and stakeholders. This includes:

  • Consumer and patient advocacy organizations
  • Volunteer agencies
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Educators
  • Schools of pharmacy, medicine and nursing
  • For-profit companies including pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Health-related trade associations
  • Government agencies

The BeMedWise Program is actively engaged in with a wide variety of prestigious organizations, including:

Most importantly, our goals are to:
  • First of all, represent organizations serving public health;
  • Secondly, develop health education programs and resources;
  • Thirdly, be a trusted source of information on provider-patient communication;
  • Fourthly, provide tips and questions to discuss with healthcare providers;
  • Finally, help consumers be informed and active in medication decisions.

Our history

The National Council on Patient Information (NCPIE) was established in 1982 in Washington, D.C. NCPIE launched its first website, talkaboutrx.org, in 1999. In 2017, NCPIE relaunched this website as BeMedWise.org. NCPIE was one of the original patient safety coalitions and was recognized as a trusted source of educational resources. Also, NCPIE was recognized for its ground-breaking research on healthcare provider-patient communication, medication adherence, medication risk and error reduction, and prescription drug abuse prevention. The website is a tool for consumers, patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals alike.

For example, some popular campaigns are:

This website provides consumers across the entire medicine use continuum with information such as:

  • Access to needed medicines
  • The safe and appropriate use of medicines
  • How to store medicines safely
  • Safe disposal of unused medicines

In June 2018, NCPIE became part of NeedyMeds.

About NeedyMeds

NeedyMeds was founded in 1997. It’s a national nonprofit based in Gloucester, MA. NeedyMeds connects people with medication and healthcare savings programs. This is done through a website and helpline. NeedyMeds.org has information on 30,000+ healthcare savings programs. Nearly 4 million users visit NeedyMeds.org each year. Likewise, the helpline plays a big role in helping people. In fact, the call center gets about 1,500 callers per week. Most importantly, all the information is free and anonymous. Also, it’s easy to access.

NeedyMeds is committed to financial transparency. Read more here.

Additionally, NeedyMeds operates two other websites:

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