Self-Care Report

The BeMedWise self-care report defines self-care as decisions and actions that promote wellness, prevent disease and manage health conditions. These decisions and actions can be made by patients or caregivers.

Most importantly, this self-care report shows self-care can both improve individual health and lower medical costs. This is especially important at a time when the U.S. health system is in crisis. Also, self-care can help people manage their symptoms better and experience less pain, stress and tiredness. Overall, it can also improve quality of life and increase life expectancy.

So, empowering Americans to make their own health a priority has never been more important. Clearly, now is the time for action. Therefore, we are pleased to share A Roadmap for Building a National Self-Care Movement in the U.S. report. Although some data in the report has been updated since publication, the ideas remain relevant today. The report outlines six priorities:

  1. Make self-care an important part of health care.
  2. Agree on a definition of self-care to unite the public health community.
  3. Use a national awareness campaign to help Americans make self-care decisions at any age.
  4. Help Americans with low health literacy.
  5. Make it simple for health professionals to promote self-care.
  6. Address roadblocks to practicing self-care.

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