2019: Preventing Opioid Misuse & Abuse Across the Ages
Talk about Your Medicines Month

The opioid epidemic is a public health emergency. Last year, Talk About Your Medicines Month was about Taking Action to Prevent Opioid Misuse and Abuse. As the epidemic persists, so must our efforts to combat it. So, this TAYMM, we are expanding the scope to include preventing Opioid abuse across the ages — from toddlers to seniors.

Together, let’s take action to address the risks, responsibilities, safe use, storage, and disposal of opioids. Read on to learn about:

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History of TAYMM

The BeMedWise Annual “Talk About Your Medicines Month” (TAYMM) is an opportunity to spotlight healthcare issues impacting communities far and wide. For the past 34 years, TAYMM has chosen topics ranging from Think Before You Drink to Communication is Key to stimulate conversations between patients and their healthcare providers. The goal of TAYMM is simply better health outcomes through education.

“Talk About Your Medicines” Month Archive

  • 2018: Taking Action to Prevent Opioid Misuse and Abuse
  • 2017: Think Before You Drink—sometimes, alcohol and medicines don’t mix
  • 2016: Polypharmacy—America’s other drug problem
  • 2015: Safe use. Safe storage. Safe disposal
  • 2014: Talk About Your Medicines—Let’s Get In Sync
  • 2013: Be Medicine Smart
  • 2012: Voices Together
  • 2011: Collaboration is the key for medicine safety
  • 2010: Promoting Safe Use / Preventing Abuse
  • 2009: Communication is key!
  • 2008: Are You Medicine Smart™
  • 2007: Talk About Prescriptions—It’s A MUST
  • 2006: Preventing Medication Errors: What YOU Need to Know / What YOU Need to Do
  • 2005: The 3Rs for Safe Medicine Use
  • 2003: Educate Before You Medicate: A Prescription for Patient Safety
  • 2002: Educate Before You Medicate: Know Your Medicines
  • 2001: Educate Before You Medicate: Your Prescription for Good Health

If you are interested in previous TAYMM content, please send an email with your request for which archived page you’d like information on and send to info@bemedwise.org. Thank you.