Health Resources and Toolkits

Learn, educate and share: health resources and toolkits for you, your family and your community

“Self-care” refers to the decisions and actions we take to manage our health, prevent disease and promote wellness. These decisions and actions can be taken as family members, as part of a community or as individuals. In fact, self-care is especially important when it comes to medicine use. For that reason, we put together the below health resources and toolkits. Certainly, they can be used by everyone including you, your family and your community. Most importantly, these resources will provide actionable health tips to help you get started. Also, they will guide you on the right questions to ask your healthcare provider.

  • All medicine takers: for anyone who wants to be more informed about their medicines and their health. It’s the one-stop destination for anyone who wants to BeMedWise about the medicines they take.
  • Parents, community leaders and health educators: these resources will provide the tools you need to keep the young people in your life safe.
  • Teens, teens and young adults: it’s important to teach children about responsible medicine use while they are still young. These tips and toolkits will help.
  • Older adults: arm yourself with all the information you’ll need about safe medication use for older adults.
  • Caregivers: caring for an older adult’s healthcare can be a challenge. These toolkits will help.
  • Educational toolkits: check out this list of useful health resources and toolkits appropriate for all audiences.
  • Anyone: for every individual who needs help finding trusted online information about their diagnosis and healthcare.

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