Teen Influencers Additional Resources

Use the resources below to help you get the conversation started with teens about the importance of using acetaminophen safely and to discuss the facts about prescription and over-the-counter pain relief. Remember that teen influencers like yourself, and other parents, coaches, group leaders often have the trust and the time with teens to make the message stick. Use your influence to spread the word about using acetaminophen safely. These resources can provide more information to share with your teens and your community:

Know Your Dose Campaign

How to Read a Drug Facts Label

Medicines in My Home— The Over-the-Counter Drug Facts Label Video

Maximizing Your Role as a Teen Influencer: What You Can Do to Help Prevent Teen Prescription Drug Abuse

Promoting Safe Use of Acetaminophen Among College-Age Students

Taking Action to Prevent & Address Prescription Drug Abuse: A Resource Kit for America’s College Campuses

My Medicine List ™
This resource helps you create a list of your family’s medicines. You can complete the list electronically, save it to your computer, and print out a copy to share with your healthcare professionals at each visit.