Self-Care Report

We are pleased to present our latest report, entitled Empowering Americans to Take Greater Responsibility for Their Health: A Roadmap for Building a National Self-Care Movement in the U.S. This report is a result of input provided by a panel of experts representing various stakeholder perspectives, and outlines six national priorities as they pertain to self-care and health literacy:

  1. Elevate self-care as an essential component of health care.
  2. Agree on a common definition of self-care to unite the public health community.
  3. Mount a unified and sustained national awareness campaign that empowers Americans to make self-care decisions at different life stages.
  4. Address the self-care information needs of Americans with low health literacy.
  5. Create a supportive environment for health professionals to advance self-care.
  6. Address roadblocks to greater self-care practices.

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