Meetings & Presentations

Aging Matters 

Click on Aging Matters with Host Cheryl Beversdorf, RN, MHS, MA to hear Deborah Davidson’s interview.

Among people age 65 years and older, 90% take at least one drug/week, more than 40% take at least five different drugs/week, and 12% take ten or more drugs/week. Conversation with Deborah Davidson, Senior Director, Member Relations/Special Projects, Nat’l Council on Patient Information and Education, about medication management for older adults and their caregivers. AGING MATTERS on WERA – LP Arlington 96.7 FM September 21, 2016

National Self-Care Action Plan—Project Advisory Team 

NCPIE convened an invitational project advisory team (PAT) meeting to engage with diverse stakeholders to seek their input and guidance on the development of a comprehensive National Self-Care Action Plan: Priorities for Action across an Ages & Life Stages Continuum. The advisory team discussed the optimal working definition of consumer-centered self-care that can be clearly understood by the general public to ensure that clear messaging can be developed for a broad range of audiences, and established a consensus-driven framework for determining appropriate self-care objectives and plans across an ages and life-stages perspective. NCPIE will be working with the advisory team on development of a strategic Priorities for Action communications and educational plan to reach consumer and patient audiences, healthcare professionals, health policymakers and the media with impactful themes and messaging to advance informed self-care.February 11, 2016

NCPIE Campus Dialogues on Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Continue 

At the invitation of the Office of Tribal Affairs and Policy (OTAP), SAMHSA, NCPIE organized and presented an hour-long workshop entitled Prescription Drug Abuse in Indian Countryat a two-day Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCU) Behavioral Health Summit, convened by SAMHSA in Washington, DC.March 18, 2015

Advancing our Understanding of the Safe Use of Acetaminophen 

NCPIE, in collaboration with McNeil Consumer Healthcare, convened 27 organizations for a stakeholders’ forum, “Advancing our Understanding of the Safe Use of Acetaminophen” – a Seeking Solutions Stakeholders’ Forum in Washington, DC. The meeting, which included research presentations and interactive breakouts, focused on reviewing the latest research and data, creating new solutions for increasing the safe use of acetaminophen, exploring/prioritizing data gaps and identifying additional interventions and collaboration opportunities to further reduce acetaminophen overdose and liver injury. To learn more please see Advancing our Understanding of the Safe use of Acetaminophen, The 3rd Seeking Solutions Stakeholders’ Forum Executive Summary 2015.September 3, 2014

Interventions to Promote Adherence to Therapy 

NCPIE participated in a “Interventions to Promote Adherence to Therapy” panel at the International Pharmaceutical Federation World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science meeting in Bangkok, Thailand and helped lead panel discussion focused on “Strategies to promote adherence to therapy — What do we take home as key messages?”August 5, 2014

Generation Rx University Conference for Collegiate Prevention and Recovery 

NCPIE helped to organize and plan the Generation Rx University Conference for Collegiate Prevention and Recovery at Ohio State University. The conference provided information on alcohol abuse, drug abuse, as well as on prescription drug abuse prevention and collegiate recovery communities. Attendees — including college students, faculty, student life staff members, administrators, counselors and student health professionals — were invited to participate and develop take-home plans for prevention/recovery programming at their college or university. NCPIE gave two presentations: Take-Aways from the HBCU Campus Dialogue on Prescription Drug Abuse, Treatment & Recovery and NCPIE Resources for Collegiate Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention. June, 27, 2014.  

Accelerating Progress in Promoting Prescription Medicine Adherence: The Adherence Action Agenda 

At the American Society for Automation in Pharmacy (ASAP) mid-year meeting, NCPIE spoke at a session “Accelerating Progress in Promoting Prescription Medicine Adherence: The Adherence Action Agenda.” NCPIE provided an overview of its Adherence Action Agenda (A3) initiative addressing the health and economic consequences of medication non-adherence among multiple chronic conditions sufferers and offered specific priorities for action.May 8, 2014

Stakeholders’ Forum, Promoting OTC Literacy Beyond the Classroom 

NCPIE convened a Stakeholders’ Forum, Promoting OTC Literacy Beyond the Classroom, at the J.W. Marriott Hotel in Washington DC. The Forum was convened to (a) create awareness for the Scholastic/American Association of Poison Control Centers’ McNeil/Scholastic/American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC) OTC Literacy educational program, and (b) advance the dialogue among non-classroom-based school and community-based youth service provider organizations about the availability and use of the OTC Literacy program at the local, state, and national levels through their unique spheres of influence and programming. Approximately 30 organizations representing youth service organizations, health organizations and government agencies, participated the forum. As follow-up to the program, NCPIE awarded several grants of $10,000 each to select nonprofit Forum participants who submitted proposals after the forum, enabling them to conduct a customized OTC Literacy outreach campaign.March 28, 2014

NCPIE Convenes Campus Dialogue on Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Targeting Historically Black Colleges and University Campuses in the DC Area 

NCPIE, in collaboration with Howard University, conducted a two-day Campus Dialogue on Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention, Treatment and Recovery targeting the region’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), including Bowie State University, Coppin State University, Howard University, Morgan State University, the University of DC and the University of MD Eastern Shore. The two-day dialogue enabled students and campus stakeholders working with students the opportunity to discuss the current campus environment relative to substance abuse prevention, treatment and recovery and learn about opportunities, strategies and roles for preventing prescription drug abuse and supporting treatment and recovery on campus.January 14, 2014

2nd Annual Optimizing Patient Adherence Conference 

NCPIE Senior Advisor, N. Lee Rucker, MSPH, led a session at this conference titled, “Advancing Patient Engagement through Coalition Partnerships: A NCPIE Case Study.” The presentation included examples of recent partnerships with pharmaceutical companies demonstrating the power of collaboration to address prescription drug abuse prevention, medication adherence improvement and patient empowerment.